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FilmFile: From The Foyer

This is part 1 of the podcast I did with some people from work. If you want to listen to it, go ahead. Let me know what you think.

Looky looky! It’s me in vlog form! 

In which I ramble on, incoheerantly at times, about how much I liked The Wolverine

Jul 2

Went to see Behind The Candelabra in the end

Really liked it. Matt Damon and Michael Douglas are both fantastic.

I went in expecting it to be hilarious, which it certainly is at times. But it’s also incredibly heartbreaking

Wreck-It Ralph 3D review

“I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be then me.”

Rating - 4/5

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Review of Argo

Director: Ben Affleck Writer: Chris Terrio Starring: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Alan Arkin


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Films I watched this week

Paranorman - Watched at the Cinema

Rating - 4/5

Absolutely brilliant. So much to love about this film, from the cast and characters to the gorgeous animation. This is some of the best stop-motion animation there has ever been. The characters in this ‘kids’ film are also a lot smarter than characters in most horror films. Things like the Norman using his phone to light the way around a creepy house, little things like that don’t get done in contemporary horror films. 

I’m sure there are dozens of references to classic horror and 1980’s movies but I’m afraid I didn’t spot them all. This film will get compared to The Goonies and it’s a apt comparison. Both films focus on a group of teenagers in a an adventure and Paranorman has a very 80’s feel to it anyway.

The Sweeney - Watched at the Cinema

Rating - 2/5

So, I actually had, relatively, high expectations for this. And by that I mean I expected a somewhat fun and loud British cop movie. What I got was a stupid and loud British cop movie. To be fair, the main problem, and it is a big problem, is the characters of Reagan and Carter. These characters do not belong in the 21st century. The character who is investigating them says it best when he describes them as “dinosaurs”. 

If you can past the stone age main characters, you actually might have some fun with it. The action is quite well shot and staged, except for the climatic chase scene. However, the plot is some what ridiculous. I left the film not actually sure what the main bad guy had done.

Super - Watched on Blu-Ray

Rating - 3.5/5

A strange little film this. On the one hand, it’s a sweet story about a man trying to save his wife who has slipped back into a life of drugs and alcohol. On the other hand, it’s a brutal film about a man who dresses up as the Crimson Bolt to fight crime. Don’t get m wrong, at times, this film is freaking hilarious. Rainn Wilson is just a little shy of his The Office persona but is just the right amount of crazy to make the character work. Ellen Page is the show stealer here though, she is clearly the more unhinged to the two and she is a delight to watch. One of the hilarious highlights comes late on in the film and an interaction between her ‘Boltie’ and the Crimson Bolt.

However, when the film isn’t being hilariously violent, it becomes a more sombre piece about Frank trying to save his wife. It’s really quite a touching story about a man going to all lengths to save someone he lost. The sides of film counter each other quite well.

Evil Dead II - Watched at the Cinema

Rating - 4/5

What is there to say about Evil Dead II? It’s a classic. Bruce Campbell is at his hilarious, over the top best. Sam Raimi’s direction is just as over the top as well, there are some crazy camera moves in this film that just add to overall craziness of the film. 


Rob’s Ramblings

A Collection of mini reviews from films I have watched this week.


Rating - 3.5/5

I had some pretty high expectations for this film and, for the most part they lived up to them. The main thing that I expected was for Tom Hardy to give an awards worthy performance as the middle Bondurant brother. He grunts and shuffles his way through the film in a way that is both sublte and hilarious. His scenes with Jessica Chastain are some of the best in the movie. Not quite as good, but still very good, is Shia LaBeouf’s youngest Bondurant. The movie closely follows his rise up with the Bondurant’s bootlegging business and it is here where the movie somewhat fails. It tries to tell the stories of two of the three brothers (Hardy and LaBeouf) and in doing so leaves the eldest (Jason Clarke) completely underused and overshadowed. The kind of lacks a focus and I feel it might have been better if it focused more exclusively on just one of the brothers as the main protagonist. With the plot disjointed between three of them, romantic subplots and side characters feel like unnecessary distractions.

Despite all these things, I did really enjoy the movie. Gary Oldman’s extended cameo is one of the best moments in the film. The world that John Hillcoat has created is incredibly detailed and it looks incredible.


Rating: 3/5

I’ll start this by saying that I’m a sucker for a good sports movie. While I wouldn’t say this is the best, it certainly does what all great sports movies do; it gets you rooting for the team. At heart of Moneyball is Brad Pitt’s wonderful performance, playing the cool, slick manager of the Oakland A’s. There are a few shades of Pitt’s other character, Rusty Ryan, but that is by means a bad thing. Billy Beane comes across as a good guy who is maybe a little out of his depth. More surprising is the dramatic from Jonah Hill. He does a brilliant job making the audience forget his comedic persona and believe in his analyst. 

All in all, this is a good sports movie. When the A’s are on going on their unbeaten run of 20, you really get involved and I found myself cheering along with crowds. My only disappointment is that there maybe isn’t quite enough of the sport itself. I would have liked just a little bit more.

Premium Rush

Rating - 4/5

The story is simple. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a bike messenger on the bustling streets of Manhattan. One day, he picks up a package which has a premium rush on it, meaning it needs to get there ASAP, however, somebody else wants that package. What follows is brilliant, fast paced and often hilarious cat and mouse game between JGL’s Wilee and the mysterious guy chasing him. As proven in films like Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is more than capable of sharing the screen and shining as part of an ensemble. With Premium Rush, he proves that he is more than capable of leading a film on his and that he is a more than capable action star as well. Wilee comes across as a nice guy, despite being somewhat cocky on his bike.

On the opposite side to Wilee is Michael Shannon’s bad guy. This is where the film gets a lot of its laughs. Shannon’s character is both psychotic and driven which is bad news for our hero. Shannon is clearly having fun with the character as he threatens to, and it some cases succeeds, steal the movie from Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

So, I saw Brave the other day at Downtown Disney

Watch out for spoilers in this post.

I’ve got to sa, I was a little disappointed.

Despite it being visually stunning, the story was not up to Pixar standards at all. I wouldn’t even say this film qualifies as a good Disney film, like Tangled etc, because it kind of lives in this weird middle ground between Pixar and Disney.

Also, say what you want about her hair, but Princess Merida is a terrible character. The first act of the film centres around Merida not wanting to be married to a suitor (c’mon Pixar, we’ve that millions of times) but after that the films takes a very different twist, which seems to be pretty random. Basically, Merida turns her mother into a bear and the rest of the film focuses on trying to turn her back. This would be fine and all if the relationship between the two felt like it was earned at the end but it doesn’t, it feels contrived and does not feel like a natural progression of the twos relationship.

To get back to Merida being a terrible character, she spends most of the film whining about her terrible place in life. You’re a princess love, your life ain’t that bad. And then to make matters worse, she tries to change her mother using magic. Resulting in the aforementioned bear transfiguration.

One other problem I had with the film, the, cake that is used to transform the queen into a bear. The witch says that the only way to break the spell is to “mend them bond that was broken”. Ok, that works fine for Merida and her mother, but what about her three little brothers that took a nite out of the cake? What do they have to mend with Merida?

I was just really disappointed with this effort from Pixar. As bad as Cars 2 was, I still enjoyed that more because I knew exactly what I was getting when I went to see it. My expectations for Brave were probably to high, I was,hoping for another Pixar classic and what I got waste most disappointing and most forgetable Pixar film to date.

Here’s hoping Monsters University restores Pixar to their rightful place.

Jun 4

Wasn’t a big fan of Prometheus

I will be spoiling what happens in Prometheus so read at your own risk.

I liked one or two things about it. Visually, the film is stunning and there aren’t many films that match this film for scope. 

Also, Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba steal the film. Fassbender is easily one of the best actors working today and outshines everyone in this film. Elba brings a little lightness to film and is great as the everyman pilot.

Aside from that, I have some pretty major issues with the film. For starters, all of the characters are pretty stupid and arrogant. They do some of the most stupid and cliched horror movie tropes that you would expect from a crappy B-movie. At one point, some of characters come across a unidentified life form, and what is their reaction? They poke it. And take a guess what happens. It attacks them and they die. 

Bigger than that is the issues surrounding the nature of the film. The whole nature of the film centres of the search for “our beginning” and it brings all these big, thematic questions about this but, aside from bringing them up, it completely throws them by the way side and refuses to discuss them further. There is the introduction of Guy Pearce’s character later into the film and he could have bought these issues up again, however they just don’t and that is pretty frustrating when you feel like this is a film that could tackle these questions in a smart way. Not that I was expecting this film to answer the meaning of life or anything, but a discussion about it seeing as that is the thing that drives the main characters would have been nice.

There is so much more to discuss but it’s late and I can’t be bothered at the minute.

sonofafilmgeek’s Avengers Assemble review

Rating - 4/5

Director/Writer: Joss Whedon Starring: Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hewsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson


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