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Day 30: Your idea for a future Pixar film.

They should just go ahead and make Newt already

Day 29: A movie/scene that made you really happy

The entire Sea Turtle sequence in Finding Nemo.

Day 28: A movie/scene that made you cry

Who didn’t cry at the end of Toy Story 3?

Day 27: A quote from any movie
"This isn’t flying, this is falling with style"

Day 27: A quote from any movie

"This isn’t flying, this is falling with style"

Day 26: Favorite Pixar short

Day 25: Favorite Up character


One word: Squirrel! Dug is just so loveable. He’s is what we expect all dogs to be. From chasing squirrels to loving eve though he has just met you.

Day 24: Favorite Wall-E character

Wall-e himself if my favourite character. All his little quirks are brilliant and give him his personality. I also love how he sacrifices his the only life he has ever known to protect and save EVE.

Jun 9

Day 23: Favorite Ratatouille character


This one was a tough call because I think Ratatouille has one the best ensemble casts in any Pixar movie. I love the scene where Colette is introducing all the other chefs to Linguini. I went with Remy in the end because he is the character who goes in the longest journey. The scenes just after he has lost his family and is alone in the sewers are great, they show how alone he is in the world.

Jun 8

Day 22: Favorite Cars character


I find Luigi really funny in this movie. I love the end of the film when we see Luigi’s finest moment.

Jun 7

Day 21: Favorite The Incredibles Character



Edna Mode or Frozone

Both characters are absolute gems and both steal the scenes they are in. Also, whoever had the idea to cast Samuel L Jackson as a superhero is genius. On a side note, Brad Bird, the director, voiced Edna and she is just hilarious.