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Ghostbusters (1984)




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thatsnogreg replied to your post: Just finished Fargo and Little Shop of…

After misreading this its got me excited about how good would a school play of Fargo be haha

I just re-read the post. I probably could have worded it better.

But a school play version of Fargo would most certainly be interesting to see. 

Just finished Fargo and Little Shop of Horrors is just starting. I don’t think these things could be more different.

I haven’t watched this since I was 16 and my school produced the play.

lunalovesgood replied to your post: lunalovesgood replied to your post: lu…

I’ve never seen the film however, I don’t think i’ll watch the series just because it’s not my thing, i don’t mind things that are real-time/slow like mad men or gory like game of thrones but i can’t handle slow and scary haha.

I watched the film a long time ago, but I’ve not seen it since. Really need to re-watch it. 

I get that. Quiet and tense and scary can be worse than all out horror and gore. I love how those quiet moments really draw you in. A couple of times in this opening episode, the camera slowly closes in on Billy Bob Thornton’s face, there’s no music and he’s speaking quiet quietly so you really have to pay attention to what he’s saying.

I did not expect to like this show as much as I did.

lunalovesgood replied to your post: lunalovesgood replied to your post: Di…

i do like the characters though, it’s strange hearing martin freeman with an american accent- especially as i feel like the character is very similar to John in the first series of Sherlock? I didn’t like how quiet it was, I wanted some background!

I’m actually really liking how quiet it is. Makes those big moments where there is music in the background much more impactful.

Martin Freeman is pretty great. I do agree that it was a little odd hearing his american accent to begin with, but once I got used to it, it was fine. He’s always great though.

I’ve literally just watched the climax to the first episode and, yeah, that was quite violent. The whole sequence with Martin Freeman’s wife and the cop. I don’t mind the violence, but I can definitely see why someone might think it was a bit much.

lunalovesgood replied to your post: Did anyone check out the new Fargo show?

i watched it but i didn’t like it that much?? but that may be because i hate violent things.

Well, so far, the violence hasn’t been a problem for me. I actually don’t think the violence has been that bad. I’m loving the dark comedy vibe to it.

It’s been years since I watched the film and this is really making me want to watch it again.

Did anyone check out the new Fargo show?

I’m about halfway through the first episode right now and I’m really liking it. Can’t remember liking Billy Bob Thornton as much before.


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